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Veganism used to be rare. It was complicated, hard to find food on the go, involved so many changes and education about how food and products were grown and made. It was a big undertaking and a big commitment. Nowadays, the word ‘vegan’ is on everything from shoes to shampoo, cheese to chocolate. It’s easier, and tastier, than ever to be vegan, but it is still a big step and we applaud those who commit to it.

At Plant Based Planet, we are on a journey, and we invite you to join us. We call it ‘plant based’ because we are focusing on the little changes we can make right now by switching to plant based products. The small steps that add up to a larger change for the planet. We would rather make movement now than be stuck on the idea of perfection. Together, we can make a difference, starting with the easiest steps and developing more of a plant based lifestyle by sharing information, growing our offering and building a supportive community.

Our story

We are James and Jake, two friends from Reading. We started to eat more plant based foods when we heard what it could do for our health and have encouraged each other to try new things, explore different styles of cooking and shared the brands we love. We noticed we were feeling stronger and healthier than ever, eating food we loved and learning about the benefits to the health of the planet too. We found that what started out as quite a daunting journey could actually be good fun and that by taking small, easy steps at a time, it all felt a natural shift. 

We noticed the way that people stopped using plastic straws overnight and how many more reusable bags appeared at the supermarket once the bag charge came in. We also saw Game Changers, Cowspiracy and later Seaspiracy and David Attenborough’s A Life on our Planet there was so much information that it was overwhelming. We decided to help people make simple steps like the straws and bags when it came to their food choices, not leaping into everything but celebrating little swaps that, by more people doing them, add up to bigger changes. 

Plant-Based Planet is our way of sharing the joy of plant based with as many people as possible. Like the people who are making a transition towards eating less meat, dairy and fish, we know that it takes time. We know what it’s like to rethink what happens at a BBQ, find a good milk option for your favourite brew, discover ways of making cakes work without eggs and get that comfort food takeaway that still hits the spot. 

We can’t wait to share our journey, and to be part of yours.


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