Vegan Sweet Deals

Setting out on our mission to help change the planet with easy, fun steps, we noticed the conversation online about a plant-based lifestyle was at odds with this. We saw many groups united by their core belief that plant-based living and veganism is great for the health of the planet, people and animals, yet there were arguments and a lot of judgement about what the perfect way to live might be.

We wanted to create our own community, full of people who wanted to share their latest happy discovery, to support each other with practical tips, to celebrate the little steps that have been taken rather than focusing on what hadn’t been attempted yet. A group of tolerant people who are more interested in getting inspired than passing judgement.

Our community is part of our brand. We thrive on hearing about the latest product you have found, your thoughts on the products we deliver and your personal tips on becoming increasingly plant-based. You help to shape the Plant-Based Planet journey.

Our Plant-Based Planeteers love to share: ideas, recipes, feedback, discoveries and support – but not necessarily their snacks! 

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